Rise of the Black Lord

Session 5

The Face of BaneScary face

Session 4

Descent into the KeepUnderground

Session 3

The Fall of Mystra and Renzo RisingMystra s fall

Session 2

The Demise of Irontooth

  • During the feast at Wrafton’s, the party is ambushed by a Caller In Darkness sent by Kalarel. The Caller is quickly dispatched, the killing blow dealt by the insufferable Halfling Warlord Renzo.
  • The next morning, Lord Padraig
Session 1

The WarholdOrc warhold

  • After two weeks of travel, the party reaches Winterhaven and learns that a band of orc marauders recently attacked the village and stole a shard that warded the town from nearby volcanic activity.
  • With threat of volcanic eruption imminent, the party successfully assaults the orc warhold and recovers the stolen shard.
  • The party returns the shard to the town fountain and triggers its protective barrier with seconds to spare, and minimal damage to a few outlying farms.
  • Simon Wrafton invites the party to his inn for a feast to be held in their honor.

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